Ross Turpin Solo Exhibition: Street Sticker Game
18 Oct 2017

We are inviting you to join our Street Sticker Game and win a Large Gold Pill sticker handmade by the artist. Five prizes will be given away at the end of the exhibition select by the artist.

Stickers + invitation cards are available at the following locations: 


HK ISLAND: Asia Art Archive (library), Oil Street Art Space, Teakha, Books & Co., Spring Workshop.


KOWLOON: Cattle Depot, Kubrick Cinematheque, Wontonmeen, JCCAC, HK Literature House, Art & Culture Outreach, C&G Artpartment, Mei Ho Youth Hostel, Hop Inn, Form Society, MUSE at Hotel Stage, The Mahjong, common room & co., HeySoNuts Cafe, be tabula rasa studio, Hong Kong Reader, White Noise Records.


NEW TERRITORIES: Art Experience Gallery, The Art of CUHK, The Baybridge Hong Kong.





 Enquiry: / t: 21109928